Pinnacle-MEP partners with independent trade companies that have something unique and outstanding to offer their communities. We are proud to help them grow and find new ways to succeed and take care of the people who rely on them. Hear from them yourself on what working with Pinnacle-MEP has meant to their business—here are some quotes from the leaders of our partners:

“The leadership at Pinnacle-MEP is fair and consistent—I always can trust that we are a team and that they will do what’s best for my business. And the resources they’ve provided have been amazing—thanks to Pinnacle-MEP, we’re growing at a healthy rate, have great people and processes in place, and we’re financially strong.”

“Before I began working with Pinnacle-MEP, I was looking for a partner who wanted to help build our company, not break it down and rebuild it in a way they preferred. That was what they offered when we started talking, and it’s been exactly what they delivered. Pinnacle-MEP has been the partner we were looking for. They’re helping grow our company and prepare us for the next step.”

“My goal was never to simply get my company acquired. I wanted a different way to grow, and if I was going to partner with another company, I made sure it was one who understood how we did business. Pinnacle-MEP knows how to run businesses, not just buy them. They recognized the growth plan we had in place and didn’t get in the way—instead they stepped in to help, allowing us to staff up and open a new branch ahead of schedule.”