A Partner You Can Trust

Supporting Your Business, Your Team, and Your Relationships from the Ground Up

Pinnacle-MEP Holdings

Your HVACR, electrical, or plumbing business has found success in its own way. Pinnacle can support and help accelerate its growth, without losing sight of what makes it unique.

Why Partner with Pinnacle-MEP?

We know that what makes your business unique is the same thing that has made it successful. We don’t get in the way of that, and offer real benefits to companies that join our family.

Financial Resources

We’ll invest in your business, team, and relationships, and provide access to capital that will let you take the next step in your company journey.

Better People Processes

Pinnacle-MEP provides recruitment and career development resources. Hire the best candidates who will grow alongside you.

Advantages of Scale

Have a larger organization go to bat for your organization while your team focuses on making better decisions at the local level.


A community solution created by partnering with industry-leading HVACR and mechanical services contractors

We’re passionate about what you do.

You’re not partnering with finance specialists who don’t know your business, but experienced operators who understand the ins and outs of what will make you successful and are there to help you every step of the way. We are a team!

Our Mission

We’re interested in elevating HVACR and mechanical businesses, not commoditizing them. Pinnacle-MEP is a foundation on which these businesses can accelerate their growth and build upon their legacy.

Our Vision

We want every community to be served by a strong, safe, and reliable trade business which provides exceptional service with integrity, and we can have a hand in helping these businesses be a force for good.


What Partners Are Saying

We help trade service businesses help their community

Thanks to Pinnacle-MEP, we’re growing at a healthy rate, have great people and processes in place, and we’re financially strong.

-Former owner and current operating partner


They recognized the growth plan we had in place and didn’t get in the way—instead they stepped in to help, allowing us to staff up and open a new branch ahead of schedule.

—Former owner and current operating partner


Pinnacle-MEP has been the partner we were looking for. They’re helping grow our company and prepare us for the next step

—Former owner and current operating partner