Financial Resources Our Partners Enjoy

Continuous expansion demands funding, heightened risk, and frequent external support. Pinnacle MEP is eager to invest in your business, your team, and more.

We don’t expect your trust based on our word alone—we’re ready to earn it. We put our money on the table and invest in companies we believe in that have a winning model and understand the lost art of a hand-shake agreement. That means we share the risks and victories, allowing your business to grow.

Businesses are built on relationships and trust that benefit each party mutually. Sealing a deal should not require a leap of faith but mutual respect. We regard our partners as family, not mere transactions, and we exclusively collaborate with companies we believe in.

At Pinnacle MEP, we aren’t the ones installing or repairing HVACs. We aren’t sending our crews to handle leaks, repairs, or build new systems. We collaborate with specialists renowned for serving their localities. These are professionals that communities trust for prompt and top-notch service. Our role is to equip our partners with the tools necessary to elevate their services to an even higher standard.


You’re working today to build the future legacy of your company. With Pinnacle MEP’s financial resources at your disposal, opportunities for your company to flourish will be more attainable than ever.

Interested in partnering with us?

Visit the criteria page to see if your business qualifies, then reach out to Andrew Reed and Gary Lewis.