Best-in-Class Training Resources 

At Pinnacle MEP, we understand a company’s strength lies in its employees. Companies collaborating with us can be confident that the employees who have been instrumental in their success will not only remain integral to the organization but also, with Pinnacle’s support, will achieve even more significant milestones.

We aim for our partners’ employees to have fulfilling careers rather than mere jobs, and we’re committed to their growth. Through our extensive training and development initiatives, we guarantee that any employee eager to advance with the company has the opportunity to excel.

We offer training programs where you can meet with your colleagues at other Pinnacle MEP companies and go through the process while building relationships for the future. And our Pinnacle MEP Leadership Academy provides management development programs for field and office associates to train to become managers. 

The Pinnacle MEP Leadership Academy foundation is a rigorous and multi-step program available to our partner employees. It gives them ground-up knowledge on being successful managers, everything from spreadsheet building to budgeting to building rapport with workers. It can be completed over several weeks with a blend of both in-person learning and supplemental on-line learning without the employee needing to take any time off from their current position. Among the lessons Academy attendees learn are:

  • The difference between managing and leading your teammates
  • How to handle conflict in a healthy and productive manner
  • How to manage different work styles to get the best from your people
  • The best practices every step of the way, from project budgets to business outcomes

Interested in partnering with us?

Visit the criteria page to see if your business qualifies, then reach out to Andrew Reed and Gary Lewis.