About Pinnacle-MEP

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About Pinnacle-MEP

We’re also operators and entrepreneurs who know how challenging it can be to run a successful business. We also know how to elevate service companies to their next growth level and don’t see our partners as commodities but as legacies in the making. And we’re here to help.

Our vision is for every community to be served by reliable and trustworthy trade businesses providing HVACR, electrical, and plumbing services. These companies can be a force for good in their communities, and Pinnacle MEP has the resources to ensure they can grow effectively and do more for the people who rely on them. 

Pinnacle MEP’s unparalleled growth model for trade service companies helps local businesses punch above their weight and compete in their area while providing something their competitors cannot: a personal touch rooted in that community. 

We have many examples of proven success throughout our partner portfolio across Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and surrounding states. Our portfolio of partner companies represents the best and most beloved trade companies in the Midwest and beyond, and we’re growing every day.

Why Work With Pinnacle MEP?

The Pinnacle MEP team is here to enable a better experience for all involved—the owners of local trade businesses, their employees, and their end customers. 

Your people have built the business, and Pinnacle MEP is here to help take it to the next level. We don’t want to dilute the “special something” that makes your company successful. Instead, we want to arm you with a roadmap to growth, expansion, and/or succession to provide the needed resources to make your vision a reality.

Pinnacle MEP invests in companies to extend their long-term value that has served the community well. We’re stewards who can help your business thrive for generations. Our management-focused approach utilizes industry-leading data platforms and models to help our partners make informed decisions without losing sight of the people at the heart of the process.

Learn more about our best-in-class people processes for developing tomorrow’s leaders, the advantages of scale our reach can provide, the recruitment tools we use to keep your business staffed with the right people, and the financial resources available.

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