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About Pinnacle-MEP

Pinnacle-MEP is a portfolio of companies expanding solid relationships in the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and related mechanical services businesses throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and surrounding areas. With personal relationships at our core, Pinnacle-MEP seeks to become a value-added partner to HVAC-related companies. For example, our typical partner company has strong community ties and has been in business for decades. However, they need a transition from its owner to its management team to carry on the company’s legacy, marketing, or financial investment to expand with new technology.

We know that your company is constructed from guiding principles that set a clear direction for good business choices and supporting service actions that have made your company a hallmark of the community.  However, you may have reached a point where retirement is near with no clear exit strategy or expansion desired, but financial, marketing, and sales expertise is not your strong suit—this is where Pinnacle-MEP can assist.

The Pinnacle-MEP Advantage

The Pinnacle-MEP team shares your passion for hard work and community relationships; it’s a shared vision ingrained in our philosophy and amplified throughout our partnerships. Through our investment with your company, we help you extend the long-term value that has served your community well. In addition, Pinnacle-MEP enables you to achieve the strategic advancement you may have realized with external, trusted guidance. Once you are part of the Pinnacle-MEP family, the day-to-day operations remain the same—we are here to help by providing expert staff to assist with strategic growth, marketing, and a strong business backbone.

Take The Next Step In Your Company’s Journey

Great businesses run on strong personal relationships. We have a proven process for extending your operational value while supporting the same high standards that have made you the must-have resource in your community. Let us help you preserve and grow your legacy.