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Companies with character—and full of characters, too. Meet Pinnacle-MEP Holdings

At Pinnacle-MEP, we’re on the lookout for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and related mechanical services business in the central United States that offer something special to their markets. Not just businesses that can get the job done; businesses that are a part of the community they operate in and are working to be a force for good in that community.

We know that what makes your business unique is the same thing that has made it successful. Our goal at Pinnacle-MEP is not to change your business or how you work, but to give you the resources needed to grow it and reach that next level. We’re not looking for companies to churn through, but businesses that care about their customers and employees with whom we can build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

So why should you partner with Pinnacle-MEP? It’s a win-win exchange. You bring a strong business in your market to the table. And in turn, we bring you:

Financial Resources

Growth requires capital, increased risk, and often outside resources. Pinnacle-MEP wants to invest in your business, in a partnership, in your people, and beyond. That means we can help you access the capital needed to take the next step in your company’s legacy, and since we only partner with companies we believe in, we share the risk with you as well. It’s easy for a larger company to just buy a business, but that’s not what we’re about; we want you to flourish and succeed. 

Recruitment Tools

A robust recruitment program is essential in the ongoing health and growth of any trade business. Both seasonal and longer-term changes in the labor market can make bringing on new employees a challenge for unprepared businesses. Pinnacle-MEP can help build your recruitment pipeline, preparing you for the unexpected and making sure that your business can easily staff up when the time arrives with the best available candidates.

Best-in-Class People Processes

Not only can Pinnacle-MEP help your business hire workers, but we’ll also assist you in retaining them and helping them grow. We are experienced in development programs that increase job satisfaction and put your team on the path to long-term success. Wherever their ambitions lie, that’s how far they can advance with the right tools. We want your employees to have careers, not just jobs—for them to grow alongside your business.


Advantages of Scale

Pinnacle-MEP embraces, above all else, the unique qualities of your business that make it special and have led to its success. But as a larger organization working with multiple trade business, we can provide services at economies of scale that a single business wouldn’t be able to achieve. That means benefits like healthcare for you and your employees, more cost-effective fleet management, and access to field service and financial reporting platforms that improve efficiency. It also means access to improved and specific business information, which allows you to make better local decisions for your business and your community. 

Interested in partnering with us?

Visit the criteria page to see if your business qualifies, then reach out to Andrew Reed and Gary Lewis.